Help self reported to pap in wi and don't want to sign contract

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    I took a random drug test at work which came back positive for opiates that I was prescribed as well as sleeping pills and benzos that I was not prescribed which I had been given to by family. I was proactive and completed an intensive outpatient program and have continued with my therapists and psychiatrists. Plus I voluntarily got off all the opiates I was prescribed for a chronic pain condition. My work suggested that I self report to the professional assistance procedure which is a non disciplinary program. I reported myself and received a contract for 3 years. The contract requires a min of 48 drug tests a year, no alcohol, and I can't leave the country. My work, therapist, and psychiatrist believe this is too severe. I don't want to sign the contract. Does anyone know what happens if I don't? Should I get a lawyer? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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    Yes get a lawyer and if you don't sign your license could be at stake.
    PAP offers participants an opportunity to obtain treatment for chemical dependency while ensuring that immediate action can be taken should a participant relapse or drop out of treatment. Participation in PAP will not exempt the professional from discipline.
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    Oh yes, please please please retain an attorney that is knowledgeable about the BON in your state. This issue can affect your ability to earn a living for at least three years so it will be worth every penny. It does sound harsh to me too but I live in another state. Good luck to you.
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    In Florida. No signing of the contract equal BON referal.

    Also, 3 years isn't that bad. Many folks get a 5 year contract. Personally I would sign it and do what is asked of me.
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    get an attorney, with experience in board of nursing issues in your state, best of luck and [[hugs]] ~from texas
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    Help me understand what a professional assistance procedure is. Is it through the BON?
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    I see that someone else answered my question about PAP. My concern for nurses in general when other say "get an attorney" is does anyone understand how expensive attorneys are? They charge by the hour. That being said how does one find an attorney who is competent in nursing specific matters without losing a large amount of money? Any information from the members would be appreciated.
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    The ANA website provides contacts for attorneys specializing in administrative law (aka the BON- for our purposes). Most attorneys wil allow you to retain them at a fixed price- I am not saying this is cheap, mine was 7 grand (yikes). If you have malpractice insurance this will be covered. With that said, my lawyer is for criminal purposes (should they arise) and I have dealt with the board on my own. Some boards have a "one size fits all" diciplining process as mine does (we do not have an alternative to disipline program in my state *sigh*) so it didn't matter much to me to go to them in my own, nurses with or without a lawyer get the same deal no matter how hard they fight- but I was also very guilty and complete honesty has been the safeguard that keeps me sober. Now- in most other states it seems that nurses will have a enter outcome with a lawyer- so if you can afford one- get one. It could mean the difference between returning to work after treatment and having to have your lisence suspended for a year or years! And 7 grand is certainly worth the loss of income that could be lost in even a year of not practicing. Cash out retirement, 401k, get a loan from the bank. It is doable.
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    Thanks for all the comments. The PAP program allows me to continue to work with no marks against my licence unless I were to fail a drug test or don't get treatment. Then they could report it to the BON. I completed treatment before I self reported so now all I have to do is continue with aftercare which I've been doing anyways. My big problem with my PAP program is that I travel a lot with my husband. I currently have a trip to Ireland and a cruise booked and paid for. Not being able to leave the country for 3 years seems harsh. Obviously my work, therapists and doctors know the whole situation and they all agree that this seems unfair. I applied for the PAP program because it was the ethical thing to do and now I wish I hadn't. I really hope it's not too late for a lawyer to help me....
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    I honestly don't see how they can tell you that you can not leave the country. You really need to speak to your case manager and explain about your travels.

    Wish you the best of luck.
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