God is trying to tell me something........

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  3. by   Bobylon
    Quote from tazzirn
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    [font=book antiqua]he's trying to tell me something...........
    why "he" ??? and why not "she" ????....or "it" ??? or, what if "nobody" is trying to tell you anything...... more power to you and your needs, wherever you may find the power, but.... what if ?? just, what if (or what if not...) just pondering, as i have many thoughts........
  4. by   elizabells
    Don't know why it's necessary or helpful to question the Higher Power of a person in recovery, but okay, whatevs.

    Tazz, just sit with it. It'll come to you. Maybe one of these people will need you and the strength I know you have. Maybe they'll lead you to something or someone new, something/someone you need, or needs you.

    I have faith you'll hear Him.