DUI? How do you handle the rejection?

  1. 0 This is a little off topic, but How do any of you handle filling out applications and you have to explain why you were investigated by the board and that you had a DUI? I have been clean and sober with alcohol since 1998. In 2001, I was wrongly accused of diverting medication. After the investigation, and $5000.00 later, I was found not guilty but still have to answer on the applications that I was investigated. I feel ashamed and embarrassed and don't know how to handle it. Most employers don't even want to hear the circumstances they automatically assume I was guilty. How do you handle the rejection?
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    I've found that a nurse with a past DUI'(s) is way better off applying to work for a large organizations . They have a seperate Human Resources Dept, which really helps decrease the amount of malicious gossip - the kind that ruins jobs, careers,,, Be up front, they're going to find out anyway. And remember, you are not the first nurse with a past, and thank God it is the past.
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