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  1. welcome to the nurses & recovery forum.

    here is the introductory audio/video:

    click this link to view---> audio/video
    be patient for it to load.
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  3. by   Seishiro
    I have to say, as someone who has been on this site for about over a year now (I had changed my username to a new one after I deleted my old account for personal reasons) that this has to be one of the reasons why allnurses really is such a valuable tool for all nurses, especially the ones just starting out in the career like me. This shows how open and receptive nurses are and how we take care of our own and how the profession as a whole can be so understanding and nonjudgmental. I think as a student nurse that is one of the first things they have to get over is those inherent opinions about right and wrong and get over that to take care of the pt. for what they need, especially in pallatative care or even rehabilitation. I have lost many people in my life to addiction so this thread really touches a personal note with me. Thank you for this.