Visa Screen Certificate queries

  1. Hello AN! I'm a Registered Nurse in Vermont and currently working here in Doha, Qatar as a Nurse. Of course, while waiting for an US employer and hoping that my Vermont nursing license will not go to waste, I am now planning to secure my Visa Screen Certificate. I checked the CGFNS website and got quite confused.

    I don't know if I will still be required to have a Credential Evaluation Service (CES) Report since I was not required by the Vermont Board of Nursing to secure one before they made me eligible to sit for Nclex-RN exam - I took and passed my Nclex exams last March 2012 and just renewed my license this month for another 2 years (until 2015). Or should I just continue with my securing my Visa Screen Certificate?

    I have not taken any English exams yet, but plans to take IELTS this year. Should this come first before applying for the CES/Visa Screen Certificate?

    This site really helped me when I am about to take my Nclex-RN exams before and was hoping all of you good nurses there who had the same difficulties as mine now can share their any information about my questions.

    Again, thank you and more power AN!
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