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  1. 0 hi, my name is keziah prem. im a registered nurse from India. I just got my NMC registration 2nd pack application. I have 2.5 year experience from my previous employer and after that i have a gap of 4 months. I have 3 months experience with my current employer. My problem is that my current employer wont give my any experience certificate or reference letter if i wont complete 1 year. what should i do with the nmc employer reference form. Is experience gap a problem for getting decision letter? PLEASE HELP ME.
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    Hi there! I think its ok if your current employer won't givr you your 1 year experience, i think the nmc only requires a year of experience for you to get registered. I asked about this since our contract expired on nov 2013 and i have a 3 month gap on experience. When i called the nmc, they said that its ok even if you're not actively employed as long as you neet the minimum reqts of a year's exp (I think). In any case, best you call them. Good luck to us!
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    may i know how the verification of enployer is done? by calling them or by mailing them?
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    I think it will depend if you put in your referrees' contact num or mailing address.

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