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  1. 0 I'm applying in Arizona for Licensure by Endorsement and one of the requirements is the English proficiency Exam. I chose the TOEFL IBt for this requirement.

    Generally I don't have problem with spoken and written English but I observed that I'm having difficulty for the Spoken and Written parts of the TOEFL practice exams. For those who also took the TOEFL or other english proficiency test, what did you do to prepare for this kind of exam?
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    I didn't prepare for the TOEFL at all, just made an appointment, showed up for the test, and got a great score. If you feel unprepared and have doubts about how well you'll do, there are many resources such as books with practice tests and even audio CD's you can use. If you're already in the US, check your local library and borrow these books so you don't have to pay for them.
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    Just go to the library. Borrow some toefl books. Search on youtube, there are really good toefl speaking exercises. Have fun!!