Steps to be a nurse in Canada?

  1. 0 I'm a registered nurse here in the Philippines. I wanna try my luck in Canada but I want to know how can I be a nurse in Canada? Like starting from how can I leave the Philippines until being a nurse in Canada. I've heard of COLLEGE OF ONTARIO. But I still don't know the process. It's a bit complicated to me. Or if you have any suggestion how to get to Canada. Thanks in Advance!
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    1. Canada will only allow maximum of 500 foreign nurses to migrate per country annually.
    2. assessment minimum score of 67 points ( e.g. age, work experience, education, marital status, # of children )
    3. IELTS band minimum score of 7 each category ( reading, writing, listening ).
    4. mandatory 2 years bridging before you are allowed to write CRNE
    5. May work as PSW ( or CNA in the U.S.) $20/ hr
    6. assessment of your credentials may take 1 to 2 years.
    7. average CRNE passing rate for foreign grads ( IEN ) is 40%
    8. Very competitive job market

    Good luck. Cheers !
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