State that doesn't require US SSN to issue a license

  1. Dear fellow nurses. Since I passed my NCLEX in California I had been struggling to get a RN license. In CA license cannot be issued since I possess no SSS Nr. Well at the time I applied for NCLEX CABON accepted my application even I have no SSS Nr. 2008 I passed NCLEX but until this time As I have said struggling to possess RN License. What I possess now is what we called NCLEX PASS RESULT can anyone give a heart to guide where I can apply my NCLEX PASS RESULT? Of course where SSS Nr an exemption during the application? Verifications of my credentials are now processed by IERF. Please, I Need your help.
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    Many states now require a US SSN to issue a license and not all states will accept IERF so really all you can do is look through each state and see whether they accept IERF and no US SSN