Recent board passer in the Philippines. How to apply for NCLEX?

  1. 0 Recent board passer in the Philippines. How to apply for NCLEX?
    I'm hoping to work in the USA... there are few stories i heard and i've read a lot of forums and articles here... here's few of my questions

    1. What should I do to apply for NCLEX? (Requirements and all)
    2. How can I work in USA? (few things i've read is green card through a company or a hospital; and how would I start?)

    Thats all for now... i have started a new thread because I can't find the specific answer for what I'm looking for.

    Thankyou very much.
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    You are not applying for NCLEX but to be a licensed RN NCLEX is just a part of the process. You need to decide on a state and then meet requirements for International trained. Finding a hospital willing to wait the 6 plus years may be hard (not impossible but hard) due to retrogression and again may depend on state. There are a few states where International nurses are not meeting requirements which generally is concurrent issues. Plenty of threads in this forum discussing this

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