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New Australian Graduate Nurse - Wanting to work in the USA

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    I'll be graduating from a Bachelor of Nursing in November, 2013. I want to return to Texas on completion of this degree (especially given the diabolic graduate nurse situation). I'm really keen to hear from anyone who has successfully navigated this experience, especially as a new graduate.

    I'm specifically concerned about the paeds and maternity course and practical hours. And if a new grad is applicable for an E3?

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    You need to pass the NCLEX, have a VSC and find an employer willing to sponsor you.
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    Thanks loriangel14, I understand this. Have you been through this experience yourself?
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    Re Paeds and obstetrics suggest wait and see what CES report states. If required will have to go through approved course and usually clinical and theory at same time. E3 has little cost for employer however being a new grad you will be fighting with US new grads for a job

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