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  1. Hi all
    Anyone here transfered their nclex results from Vermont to california? How long it will take and how did u do it? Appreciate your help.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Look up endorsing if you have a licence otherwise look up exam by licensure and arrange with BON to forward results to new BON
  4. by   ereed1304
    You don't transfer your results, you transfer the license. If you haven't taken the nclex yet, then take the exam in Virginia and apply for licensure in California after you pass the nclex. California has different requirements for licensure by exam and it is typically easier to get your license through endorsement if you attended a school outside of California
  5. by   aniemugundu
    Thank you silverdragon
    Well, i do have a license in Vermont but its inactive. Inorder to activate and endorse it i have to take the re entry course. I live in california and for the re entry course i have to go to vermont to complete the clinical course. So i just want to avoid the inconvenience and planning to get a license in California with the nclex results. Thank you for ur time.