NCLEX process in Texas... please help (ATT)

  1. Hi! I really need help regarding the process of NCLEX-RN application in Texas. I am an internationally educated applicant residing in US. I have done all the initial steps in the application process. I'm at the point where CGFNS issued my CES report. I have taken the jurisprudence exam, and I already have my background check. I already submitted all the requirements. I haven't registered at Pearson Vue yet. My question is do I wait for the ATT to come so I can register and pay at Pearson Vue, or do I register first and then they will issue my ATT?

    Thank you.
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    I would probably go ahead and register with Pearsonvue as they are the ones to issue ATT once BON OK's it as long as you have sent your application to Texas and paid any fees