How does a US nurse demonstrate "initial registration" date to NMC?

  1. Are you a US nurse who's registered with the NMC?

    If so, I am curious about "initial registration." Specifically, what document is acceptable proof of the date of my initial registration?

    I naively thought that a copy of my Virginia license, certified at the US embassy in London, would be all they would want. But it has only an expiry date - it doesn't say when it was issued or when I first qualified.

    Any American nurses been through this?

    I'd be grateful to hear about your experiences.

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  3. by   mabpguy
    Hello insa,

    I am going to say that when I got register with the NMC, my proof of the date of my initial registration was a document from Spanish nursing board. But I know that nurses from EU have a different way/route than overseas, so I hope you find someone who had the same experience than you.