Hong Kong Advanced Practice Nursing - page 5

by chickenface

I am an American nurse, and I am considering a move to Hong Kong in January 2011. At that time I will have a MSN degree in nursing and would be seeking a position as a Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Nurse. I have reviewed... Read More

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    I'll come back to take the practical in January, does anyone have any ideas or tips??? I need help very badly
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    hi chokyali.. im a filipina. im a registered nurse here in ph. i have only 2 years of experience as a nurse staff in the hospital i am working right now. and im planning to take the nursing board exam in hk. but i really dont have any idea of what exam im going to take.. i just want to ask, if the hk exam is just like the nclex exam? and what is all about that practical exam? i really dont have any idea.. please reply.. thanks ang godbless...
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    Hi Maria83, I am currently working in Australia and considering moving back to Hong Kong. I am trained as a nurse to Australia, just saw your post and wondering how did you go with getting registration and working in Hong Kong. It would be great to learn from your experience, if you don't mind.

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    I just came back from HK and I absolutely would love to work there as well (well for few years at least)...I am certified as an RN here in Toronto and with an MN degree. I currently work with our Ministry but contract will soon be due...

    Two years ago I actually applied to write the HK RN Exam; the paper work was brutal but got all the papers for them. However, I forgo the opportunity as I found a job I liked here.

    Now I really want to pursue the opportunity again...I kinda quickly glance thru. people's response but I still want more directions from you guys. I am wondering if there are public health nursing jobs in HK...

    Anyway, any advice is greatly appreciated!!!