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I am an American nurse, and I am considering a move to Hong Kong in January 2011. At that time I will have a MSN degree in nursing and would be seeking a position as a Nurse Practitioner/Advanced... Read More

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    Oh i see..so even if you pass both the written and practical they still would not accept you if your visa is a dh?what more if you dont even have experience and all you have are the licenses in the phils and hk?..just theoretically asking ehe...my employers are filipino and they know about my plans yet i still dont know if the hospital would approve to that..thank you..
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    Hi, I'm Rhona, I'm an RN-BSN from USA. I'm a newbee here in HK and trying to land an opportunity in HK in health care. Would anyone would like to comment on how are they doing on their RN license in HK since their last posts?

    Would appreciate any insight.

    Many thanks!
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    Hi hope you won't mind me asking the translation of a medical order with 1/52 or 2/24 etc written in it..i am still waiting for the result of my written exam and up to now im still curious about it in the english part..maybe there are 5 or so sentences with it so i leave them blank(hope i still answered the rest of the sentence anyway instead of just leaving it blank in case i might still got some few points haha..but i really thought at that moment i should translate the whole sentence perfectly to be able to get a single point)..

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