Help help help! AUS RN to USA RN

  1. 0 I have studied bachelor of nursing from australia. Here BON wants me to get pediatrics and obstetrics classes to get eligibility for NCLEX. Does anyone have any idea where do i go for classes. I have called some private colleges but they said cant take me.. Im so worried i dont know wat to do. Please help me...
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    This is a common issue. All you can do is contact lots of nursing schools and see if you can make up these required hours. Otherwise you are stuck unless you find somewhere in Australia that is acceptable? Which state are you in?
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    Hi Silverdragon, yes i am calling Nursing colleges and univesities, trying my best but feel like i am stuck. I am currently living in california.
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    If you find a school where you came make up hours do not forget to check with the BRN that it is approved. CA can be rigid on who they accept in regards acceptable catch up programs in the same way they are rigid in not accepting excelsior college

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