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    Hi every one, sorry for my english if it is not very well! I would start a new topic about french nurses in USA. I am from France and I have so many question about how validate my french degree! I already know that I need to take the TOELF and NCLEX! I am training my toelf myself. it's very long to be a little confortable with englih. I would like to read some experiences of french nurses. If like me you are from France and you are working here like RN, can you give me some recommandations? Thank you.
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    does someone answer me??? if you have the same experience I am very interested by read how did you arrive to validate your nurse degree. it will be very helpful for me to share other experiences.
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    Hello , My name is Binta and I live in houston (TX) . Have you already got your transcript from CGFNS? I'M also in the process to translate my french degree of nurse . If you need help or have questions you can reach me by email :
    Thank you .