Foreign grad BSN "NEEDS" to take LVN

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    My name is Edward and this is my first post ever. I passed my application to take the California NCLEX-RN but being a foreign graduate and since I belong to the unlucky "2010 and above-graduates", I was rejected, which was basically a given (I was expecting a rejection letter from California Board of Nursing, telling me I need to enroll in some classes spanning two semesters)

    So right now, the California BON advised me to take the LVN test instead, which I will happily comply. Anyone on here has experience on this matter? There are some forms which downright confused me (e.g. Employment Verification - Nursing Experience (55A-12), I dont get form 55A because I wasnt employed as a Nurse yet they list it under requirements for those who want to take LVN board using a related education other than
    formal LVN training.

    Kindest regards,

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