Does Texas needs CGFNS? and IELTS? Does Texas needs CGFNS? and IELTS? | allnurses

Does Texas needs CGFNS? and IELTS?

  1. 0 hi. I'm a RN in the Philippines,just passed the exam last year;I'm a US citizen and I applied NCLEX here in california but got denied due to the "concurrency" issue of my theory and rle, so i'm planning to give it a shot in another state. Does anyone know if Texas or Nevada require CGFNS and IELTS? do I still need to take IELTS even though I'm a US citizen? also what are the other requirements or exams that needs to be taken in that state to qualify for the NCLEX? thanks
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    HI! I have the exact situation that you had. Did you already take the NCLEX in another state? If so, which one and did you need to take the IELTS?

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