Completing the Australian RN application

  1. Ok..So I am confused about a few requirements on the application

    1. On question #11 What are the details of your qualifications and
    examinations/assessments? What is this referring to? NCLEX? Degree program? What if you have college credits from a school (prereqs) but did not earn a degree from there? What then would your qualification here be?

    2. on question #13, did you have HR from all previous (5yrs) jobs send you a letter noting when/how/what of your employment?

    3. On question #12, do you just email the BONs and have them send your registration history immediately or do you wait till AHPRA confirms receipt of your file so that the letters from BONs do not get lost in space?

    I am usually pretty good at following directions, but I am having issues with this application.
    Does anyone have any information about agents in the US that help with the registration process. All my google searches bring up agents in UK, CAN, PHIL.
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