CGFNS-CES without local boards.

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    hello, i just would like to ask if i can apply for cgfns and be approved even without taking the local board exam in the Philippines? i am an american citizen, so basically, im not eligible to take the local boards. please tell me what to do.
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    Best to check with the Board of Nursing you are applying for, some require it while others don't.

    Hopefully the concurrency issue won't effect you.
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    What concurrency issue? Sorry wasnt aware
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    I suggest a good read on this forum many states are not allowing recent grads to test due to the fact clinical and theory is not completed at the same time
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    Quote from darts_888
    What concurrency issue? Sorry wasnt aware

    But not sure if Washington is the state or the one in DC?
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    Really?? Wa have a concurrency issue??