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    Hello everyone! I haven't send my application to Hawaii BON yet because I am waiting for my CES to be done before sending my application to them. There's this part in the application where it says "Indicate when you requested to have your CGFNS certification or evaluation report submitted to the Board. Date ______." What date should I put here? Currently, my CES status is READY FOR REVIEW. I have no idea how long will it take for CGFNS to release my report to Hawaii BON. What is the best thing to do? Wait for CES to be completed before I send my application to Hawaii BON so I don't have to worry what date to put in my application or just send my application with an approximate date like in 3 weeks? (Hoping it's available by then?)

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    hi tintinatinapot hows your application now? Like you I am applying also Hawaii BON ..

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