Can ADN get licensed in Ireland? Can ADN get licensed in Ireland? | allnurses

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Can ADN get licensed in Ireland?

  1. 0 I see they want you to shell out money just to get an application - can anyone tell me if they consider ADN nurses so I don't waste 200 perfectly good Euro? And while we're at it, anyone know what foreign countries do still recognize 2 year RNs? (Even if it means at their equivalent of LPN for those that have a lower level of nurse registration)
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    only real way to find out is ask
    [color=#333333]an bord altranais
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    They will tell me to send the 200 Euro and apply to find out.
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    Because of the EU treaty I suspect BSN or minimum of 3 years will be required as generally your training and clinical/theory hours should be similar to the country you are applying to. Australia/New Zealand accepts ADN. But really the only way to find out is apply or even ask them. I see losing nothing in asking
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    When I looked at their website, I came away with the thought that I couldn't get licensed there without showing proof of a BSN degree.