cali to tx endorsement of license from philippines

  1. 0 i have a question, i just finished the process of endorsing my cali nclex rn to texas to have a permanent license. however, my nclex rn extension was until last year. because at first i was told by my agency to endorse my nclex rn cali to vermont but they are asking lots of documents and asking my school to match the tor with my rle. now my school sent three revised copies but still ierf said it doesn't match and that's the time that i decided to endorse it to texas instead. now it's 2012 my extension in cali is only 2011. am i still eligible to endorse my license to texas? all my requiremets were submitted for endorsement to texas. please help. ty
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    Do you have a CA License? You can only endorse if you have a license.

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