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All AU Registered Nurse ^_^

  1. 0 Good day!
    Hi to all Australian nurses. I have several questions and I hope some (if not all) Australian R.N can help me out. ^_^
    I'm an R.N in the Philippines since 2011. Right now I'm planning to apply in Australia. But I don't know how to start with my application.
    Can somebody help me out???
    I'm a bit confused with the AHPRA application form. @_@

    After my bridging program for 3mos. and after I gain my registration certificate to be an AU R.N, would it be easier for me to find a job at AU? Since I have a 1 year full time work experienced here in the Phil.? whew!

    Thank you in advance for those who wish to share their knowledge/information with regards my topic. Thank you!
    More powers!
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    Moved to nurse registration forum. There are several threads on this subject.
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    Thank you JustbeachyNurse.
    Are you currently in AU?
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    No,I'm US