accustomation permit

  1. 0 hello everyone, i was reading on the BON site about an accustomation permit. its rule 217.4 and says "(e) Accustomation Permit.
    (1) An applicant who has graduated from an accredited nursing program
    outside the United States may apply to the Board for a six month accustomation permit by
    completing an application and paying a fee. An applicant holding an accustomation permit
    under this subsection may participate in nursing education courses and clinical
    experiences." there are a few other requires that i meet. has anyone gotten this type of permit? if so, where is the application form that the rule speaks of? im thinking about making a trip to austin to speak with the BON but its a long trip. just wanted to see if this permit is still available. I appreciate your helpful responses.
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    Moved to the Nurse Registration forum for more responses.
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    hi [COLOR=#003366]michelle_sparks i have the same problem like yours so did u find the Accustomation Permit form plz let me know

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