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Which graduate degree/program?

  1. 0 I have been working as a psychiatric RN for about 1 year, I have a year of experience as a Mental Health Tech, and 4 years experience as a Social Worker in the field. I would like to become a Psych/MH NP and I am looking for programs in the Philadelphia area. Does anyone have any info on the need for Pysch NPs in the Northeast or in general? I would also like to work with adolescents. Is there a need for adolescent Psych NPs? I am posting this because after I graduated from nursing school, there was a shortage of nursing jobs.

    My experience is in the Mental Health field but I have been seriously considering a change. I have researched Nursing Education (I was a Middle School teacher and would like to eventually teach again) and Nursing Informatics (I love computers). I am unsure of which of the 3 areas of nursing would be the most likely to have jobs available and the most opportunity for job growth. Any help from nurses in any of the 3 specialties would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    hi, i was wondering if you decided where to apply and how things worked out for you?

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