Travelling NP?

  1. I am currently an undergraduate student in the RN program. After I graduate I am planning to go to graduate school so I can obtain my NP license. I would like to work in a specialized area (NICU) but I would also like to travel to different places. Basically I was wondering if they had travelling NPs like they have travelling RNs. If they don't, would it be beneficial to be a travelling nurse before I get my NP license? I would really like your opinions and if answers if you know them. Thanks!

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  3. by   suzanne4
    It usually takes longer to get your NP credentials in each state. More extensive than just getting the standard RN license. There are not travel positions of the same type available for NPs, but they do have locum tenens positions that are available where you fill in while someone is on vacation or maternity leave, etc.
  4. by   mhollen
    So basically it would be a lot harder to travel as a NP vs a regular RN. Would you then recommend doing the travelling nursing and when I am ready to settle down then going to graduate school and getting my NP license?