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Test Anxiety

  1. 0 I take the AANP FNP test soon. It is fast approaching. I am a terrible test taker due to anxiety. I get overwhelmed and then rush through tests. It is getting close to the day and reviewing getting harder and harder. How can I decrease it? Anyone else have this problem.
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    I'n not allowed to say anything about propanolol for anxiety on this site, otherwise I would. Talk to your NP or MD.
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    I always found that reading the test question to myself helped me to slow down. I would take my pencil and touch every word as I said it. Also, don't second guess yourself. Trust yourself and trust your gut instinct. Take a breath. Also, I found that chewing gum helped to relieve some of the stress. Last but not least, know when to quit. Don't over study. Allow yourself time to rest before the test. You don't want to burn out.

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