Seeking a preceptor in Florida or South Carolina

  1. 0 Anywhere in Florida or South Carolina, I am licensed in both states and am willing to drive! It has been so difficult to find anyone willing to precept. I would hate to have to drop my ARNP program just because I cannot find a preceptor. I need Family Practice, Pediatric, and OB/GYN hours. An ARNP or an MD/DO would work, and long as they have two years of experience. I could complete hours anytime between August 19th and December 5th, I just have to get the paperwork in ASAP. Any help would be appreciated!
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    i would contact musc, their NP programs are all online now. and they should have a fairly long list of preceptors for SC. whether they will share it with non-students... not sure. worth a try though!
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    preceptor directory:

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