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  1. 0 I will be starting IM rotation during summer semester. My school has listed 2 radiology books as suppplemental reference. Students who already took the class told me that our prof uses radiology slides in class and the book was not needed for primary care. However, I want to work as a hospitalist after I graduate (if I get one ;0). I want to buy at least one even though its not required. Which one is better: Radiology 101 by Erkonen & Smith or Squire's fundamentals of radiology by Novelline.

    I would be open to other good radiology reference book too if you guys have used and absolutely loved it. Any suggestions??
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    See the post below, "Hospital based NP -- useless with image interpretation"

    I also use the web site:
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    If you haven't had a chance to actually browse through each, Amazon offers previews of both books online so you can check out a chapter or two (gotta love Amazon!) The reviews are handy as well.
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    symptom based radiology.

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