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  1. 0 Hey guys!

    I'm interesting in pursuing an APRN with a concentration in mental health. I'm currently in a Psych program getting my MA and will be done next December. An APRN appeals to me because it allows you to be the whole package in treatment in terms of having the option to use psychotherapy, medication, or both - without having to go to medical school - which is pretty cool.

    I've been researching different advanced/graduate entry programs and was wondering if anyone had any opinions or suggestions on different programs - or advice on getting into them.

    As of right now I really like what Yale and BC have to offer (although I'm not sure I can get into either)

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    Do you have your BSN yet? That would definitely have to be the first step.
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    Are you looking at a direct entry program that would get you the RN first (usually in about a year), then continue on to the MSN?
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    I'm looking mostly at direct entry programs
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    One other thing to consider is what sort of advanced certification you want to get (Clinical Nurse Specialist or Psych NP). The scope of practice of both certifications can differ greatly from state to state.

    For example in Virginia, only the NP can prescribe or monitor medications. But only a Psych CNS can be reimbursed for therapy. Again, this is the practice regulations in Virginia. You will find that the roles and scope will vary as you look at different jurisdictions.
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    We have one at UT-Austin. I'm in it. Year and a half to go. I can't say that I'd recommend it, but based on what i'm hearing about other NP programs, I can't say that anywhere else would be any better.
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    Thanks UVA - I'm hoping to practice in CT, NY or MA so I'll look into the differences in those states.

    apocatastasis - What don't you like about it UT's program?
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    Quote from rockrobot
    Thanks UVA - I'm hoping to practice in CT, NY or MA so I'll look into the differences in those states.

    apocatastasis - What don't you like about it UT's program?
    Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited about becoming a psych NP, but UT is political and I find many of the faculty members condescending, unhelpful, and disrespectful, particularly during the first pre-licensure year of the program (after which point you don't see most of those faculty again as an NP student). Also, the program is new and we're the first cohort, so they're sort of... bug testing the courses on us. It's good to be part of a new program that will create good things for the community, but it's also difficult to be a guinea pig.

    Then again, from what I hear, faculty being unnecessarily political and condescending is the norm for nursing schools... and for grad school in general, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.
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    I will be starting the AMPNN (Psych/Mental Health) @University of Rochester (NY) in January 2011! I went to Univ Rochester as an undergraduate and loved loved loved my experience. The campus is gorgeous and most of the professors are great teachers (not just research droids that hate the fact they have to teach for their tenured faculty positions). The only bad things about the school is the winter weather and ridiculous cost of attendence (+$77K for the first year). Anyway, I am extremely happy to be going back to campus.

    Background: BA - Health and Society (@ Univ Rochester w/ 3.1 GPA overall and 3.59 in Pre-req courses), 8 years of HR experience - Counseling, Employee Development, and E/L Relations @ Fortune 500 companies. I also have hospice care experience.
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