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  1. 0 I'd love to know more about becoming an NP specializing in palliative care. I believe that Vanderbilt has a program, but I'm not sure about any other programs out there for this specialty. From what I understand, it's a growing field. Does anyone know what the job outlook might be?
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    UAB also has a program.
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    I am a hospice NP. I am a FNP. I took the classes at UAB but did not do the clinical component. Once I work 500 hours I will be eligible to take my certification exam through HPNA. I have worked in the hospice field for three and a half years while going to NP school. Our hospice has a separate palliative care practice that is fairly large that has an NP. I work solely on the hospice side and that is where my heart is. I know with Medicare's rule about face to face visits most hospice practices use an NP.
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    Is there a palliative care study guide for the HNPA cert?
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    Yes.. It can be ordered through HPNA.

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