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  1. hey everyone!

    Does anyone work in this specialty? I may possibly take a position as a Ortho Spine NP when I graduate. Do you like it? How's a typical day like?

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  3. by   AshleyRN_13
    Hey, I'm a FNP student and I have worked full time as a RN in an outpatient interventional spine clinic that does have some neurosurgeons/ortho docs in the group. I plan on continuing as a FNP at this facility. They use NPs for a few different roles. They will rotate out different days. Somedays they will be at the ambulatory surgery center doing pre-op H&Ps, sometimes they will be in the clinic seeing patients post-op, or in follow-up. They recently hired a couple NPs in satellite offices to see new patients so that patients can be seen faster and get MRIs, EMGs, etc scheduled sooner. I really enjoy this field, and you can even learn to do some office procedures like trigger point injections, occipital nerve blocks, and joint injections. I hope that was helpful.

    Good luck!
  4. by   gelli.25
    Thank you so much Ashley, this is great help.