Oncology Nurse Practitioner

  1. University of South Florida in Tampa has a really great nurse practitioner oncology program. I'm really interested in oncology, but I'm afraid if I ever want to do something else later in my career I will have to go back to school. I also heard FNPs can be certified as oncology nurse practitioners if they pass the test. Is it better to go to a specialized program at USF or a more generalized program and then specialize in a practice?
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  3. by   MillieT
    Does it allow you to have an adult/gerontological NP degree along with an oncology specialty? That's how it is at Univ of South Alabama. If so, you can market yourself for either field (adult or oncology), so your options wil be open.
  4. by   RNGriffin
    Go with the Oncology certification, which you can obtain through OCC. Have a generalized specialty, but if Oncology is your passion go for it. At the end of the day, all FNPs are able to be crossed trained into general practice.