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NP pay in alabama

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    What is starting salary for NP in alabama? I know what I've been offered. And I know what a friend of mine Makes. Just kind of wanting to get a ball park figure.
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    I am interested as well -- have an interview later this week for a hospital based job. If you don't mind me asking, what were you/your friend offered? I have seen 72k-107k listed on job applications, of course based on experience and whatnot. This is my first NP job, so I am not sure how much I should be looking for.
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    NP pay in AL is very low. I've heard 45k - 65k a year. The low end was a clinic job and the higher end for inpatient acute care work.
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    I have a friend that took a job at an office, 65K. That's the offer that I received with 10K raise after 6-9 months. I know alabama pays less than most states, that stinks for us. I just wanted to make sure, this was a good starting pay and it does seem like it is.