NP Opportunities in the West

  1. I'm currently in an FNP program in Minnesota. When I'm done, I'd love to move West, towards mountains, a tiny bit milder climate, and something different. I'd also like to work in a rural or semi-rural area, and am looking at Colorado, Idaho, Western Oregon, Washington, etc. Would any NPs or students in those areas comment on the opportunities for nurse practitioners, barriers, pros/cons on rural practice?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   ettac
    I too am in a FNP program. I live in rural Oklahoma (not your target area) but it is a rural setting. The rural areas are in desperate need of mid-level practitioners. It's difficult to recruit doctors out to these areas, and from my experience the need is great and the salary very high. We hired one at this hospital for 125,000 (starting pay), 15,000 sign on bonus and free new apartment.