Need Help from a practicing APN ASAP!! Need Help from a practicing APN ASAP!! | allnurses

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Need Help from a practicing APN ASAP!!

  1. 0 I am currently completing an acc. RN-MSN program. Where I live APNs are not easy to come by. I have tried to contact 2 personally to complete a little 5 question survey for my class, but have not had any responses. I would be forever grateful if a practicing APN could answer my survey. The college would like your contact information to thank you for your participation, but I understand if you do not want to post it on a message board. So please either respond via email at or just post your response. Thank you so much for your help!
    Phone Number:

    1. Is there a written job description for your role as an APN? What duties does it include?
    2. How many APNs are employed in your facility and how are they utilized?
    3. How do you participate in quality management? Please provide an example.
    4. Please give an example of how you use evidence based guidelines.
    5. Please give an example of how you incorporate research in your practice.