Need an interview from a NP

  1. 0 Hello there, I am currently enrolled at WGU for my bachelors. I need an interview from a APN.

    There are 8 questions, nothing fancy. If anyone would be willing to help me out I can email you the form and you could email it back to me with your responses, or I could do a phone interview. Either way will work.

    Please IM me with your email address if you could help me out. I doubt this would take longer than 1 hour to complete. Thanks again.
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    I am happy to help if you still need the interview
    today is Tues. 4/10 I am doing paper work -no patients scheduled -so I have the time if you would like to send them to me:
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    Hi mhh8884
    I am also a BSN student and need to interview a APN. There's about 3-4 questions. Would you be willing to do an interview? Email or phone. Thank You

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