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  1. I'm an Adult/Geriatric NP. I'm happy with my rule, but sometimes there are some positions I would be quite interested in (including some military positions, but others as well) that require FNP certification. I'm somewhat considering getting a post Master's FNP certificate so I could be considered for those positions, although I'm not thrilled about the idea of going back to completing all the clinical hours and the nightmare of trying to find preceptors. Also, my professional and personal experience with children is very minimal (as in I've never even changed a baby's diaper)... which is why I chose the ANP/GNP path in the first place. Can a few credit hours and clinical training really make me confident to examine and treat a child or counsel a parent who deals with the kids day o in and day out? I know nobody can answer those questions for me, but I'd appreciate any input, especially if they're are other FNPs who had very little experience with children prior to their FNP program.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    My nursing background is 10 years level 1 trauma center ED, 1 year adult ICU and 1 year PICU.

    I mention this because I first did an adult CNS, then because I needed to be able to see kids, I did a Peds CNS. Then, I decided to do an FNP/DNP - however, I quit that program because I finally felt I had done enough - lol

    So...what I'm saying is - do you see kids now? Would you be comfortable caring for kids after FNP clinicals? Maybe, maybe not - is the practice/setting you want to go to 100% kids or do you have to see kids over a certain age?
  4. by   amulam
    No, I don't see kids now, never have as an RN either, except for the brief mandatory pediatric clinical rotation. I now see mostly adults, but also teenager about 12 /13 years and up. The positions I'm curious about require seeing "the whole lifespan", so not only kids, but definitely would require being comfortable with any age group. My fear is mostly based plainly on a lack of experience with young humans
  5. by   jselbig
    I'm sort of in the same boat, though I have raised kids so changing the diaper is not the issue I'm finding being an AGNP somewhat career limiting unless you plan to work in LTC forever. There are some positions in busy clinics that can accommodate a practitioner that does not see kids, but there are thousands of FNP positions out there that I can never qualify for.
  6. by   amulam
    Yes, I kind of wish I'd have done the FNP to begin with. I could do all jobs I'm doing now, plus more. I've been working in some family clinics, and mostly prisons, which I like a lot, but still it limits me in some ways. Still, the thought of now going back to school and doing clinical hours again is not very appealing at all...
  7. by   LadyIce
    I understand what you are going through. I am going back for another NP certificate. I never understood why nurses had so many initials. But, that is the beauty of nursing. I know some of my friends who work in the ER are going back for NP ER Certificates, because they were FNPs but ended up in the ER. I also understand that some hospitals who hire FNPs are going to want acute certifications so I am going back for an adult-geri acute NP certificate.
  8. by   DizzyJon
    You already know adult medicine. So, would you consider a PNP certificate? You have no peds experience and so doing the PNP would get you more exposure to peds medicine then FNP program I would think. If you do FNP then you'll have to do adult courses and clinicals all over again right?
  9. by   WestCoastSunRN
    I'm an RN who has worked with adults my whole ICU career. This past year I started working in the ICU and acute care both peds and adults, and let me tell you..... I didn't know what I was missing. Honestly I had never pined to work with kids before, but I am loving it. Once you start studying them and dive in, they are not as scary anymore. I love learning the added challenges kids bring to the table clinically. And there's something so hopeful about kids. So as much as I LOVE ICU nursing, this is why I will be getting my FNP (at least initially) -- now I know I definitely want to work with kids. Ideally both kids and adults for me. My program allows some flexibility in the latter clinical hours for student to focus in an area of interest. I wonder if you could find a FNP program that would allow you to focus all your hours in peds since you already have extensive experience in adults. As another poster mentioned, you could also consider the PNP programs.... I think some incorporate both acute care and primary care in the programs --- but this would be INTENSE peds. But it would open acute care job options to you as well. And no, you don't have to have kids to be able to counsel parents about evidence based heath practices. I'm sure there is a lot in your current practice as AGNP that you cannot personally relate to, but you know what your patient needs all the same. I take my kids to an AWESOME peds NP. Pretty sure she doesn't have kids. She's smart and a very good practitioner.
  10. by   gettingbsn2msn
    I am a ANP-BC. I went back to school last year for PMHNP. The only reason I did not finish is that they mandated health insurance at the end of my program and since I am over 50, I could not afford the additional 5k.