FNP moving to ennis tx

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    I was not sure if this would be the best place to start the forum, but I am a recent FNP grad (graduated May 2012). I currently live in smaller town in CA where it has been difficult to find a position. I already have my license, certification, and am waiting for my furnishing number and DEA. My husband and I are contemplating moving to the Ennis area for his work and I was wondering if I would be able to find a job as an FNP either in primary care or pediatrics? Are NPs well respected in Texas? I have 5 years of ICU experience as an RN and was also wondering if I couldn't find a job as an FNP would it be difficult to find a job as an ICU RN. What is the typical nurse to patient ratio for ICU nurses in texas?
    Thanks for any info you can provide!
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  3. by   nomadcrna
    Texas is NOT a good practice state. Very limited and restrictive.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.