Finding a Preceptor in Texas

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    Hello Everyone,

    I will be starting my clinical rotations in the fall- I currently am an FNP student at the University of Cincinnati- A family situation has arisen that may require me to relocate to Texas- possibly the Houston area. I currently live just north of Cincinnati and know a few people here that would precept me if I stay in town for the fall. Does anyone know the preceptor status in Houston Texas currently? I don't know what my odds are of finding a preceptor in the next 7 months? Is that enough time? Or should I try to stay here- It will delay me a year away from family who are having difficulties in Texas and currently are a 1000 miles away! Thank-you for your time- any input appreciated!

    Take care!

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    Hello Everyone,

    I just thought of something that might be a great idea- I am hoping to study community nursing as well post MSN- I will check with the community health clinics- both here in Ohio and in Texas-

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