Do I need individual malpractice?

  1. 0 I'm a new NP getting ready to start at a family practice. They are going to be providing malpractice, but I wonder if I should get my own as well. Any thoughts or advice?
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    Yes, yes, yes....the litigious nature of our job almost guarantees you WILL be NAMED in a suit!

    Your employer will want to preserve their own interests and therefore will protect you while employed by them.

    However, if you are found at all liable and/or named by their malpractice insurance as having a claim paid on your behalf (even if you did nothing wrong!!!), you may be faced with board of nursing action.

    Your medical malpractice looks out for YOU....
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    Thanks, Thats pretty much what I was thinking as well. Any reputable ones that your aware of??
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    NSO, Proliability and Marsh.
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    Yes. Mine's around $900 a year.
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    thanks for all the feedback

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