Clause in Contract to Have Consultant for ME, the FNP

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    Can you help me write a clause into an employment contract? My goal is to include a clause providing for me to have a consultant to discuss my patients/cases with for one hour a week, and perhaps do chart review for/with me.

    The position is in Maryland, providing part-time primary care / episodic care for patients over age 65, at their independent-living building. I am a new FNP, and there will be no other providers on-site. I will not be the PCP for the patients, unless/until they get to know me and choose me as such. My legal collaborating physician will be available by phone for difficult moments, but does not expect to provide periodic consultation as I described above. The employer is open to including this clause, I just need the wording. The consultant I have in mind would be a physician or NP experienced with this population. I have a couple of individuals in mind.

    Thanks for your help and advice!
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    Anyone with experiences having NP contracts reviewed by an nurse-attorney?