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Cincinnati Preceptor help!!!!

  1. 0 Hello everybody! My name is Christel and I am a student nurse practitioner trying to stay encouraged. I'm in an FNP program at the University of Cincinnati and I am looking for a preceptor for Pediatrics either starting in August 2014, January 2015, or May 2015 for a total of 150 hours. I have called, emailed, and visited several different clinics and I have gotten the big N-O every time! I am excited to become a NP but I'm getting a little discouraged... Any leads or words of wisdom are greatly appreciated! Thanks guys :-)
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    Doesn't UC set up clinicals for you? I know some of the residents go to Children's when they need peds. Have you tried contacting someone there? Another suggestion would be to contact Shriners. Sorry I can't be of much help