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  1. 0 I am about to graduate FNP school and I am trying to decide on if I should try to specialize or work in family practice. I have worked in cardiology for many years as an RN, but I am not exactly sure what their role is in the practice. The hospital I work at has many NPs, but I rarely see one in cardiology. Are they giving stress test all day long or something? If anyone has info on what the NP's role is within this specialty I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I am wondering if they are placed on call frequently and what most of their job entails. Thanks in advance.
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    I work in a step-down ICU and the NP's there see the patients, write orders, etc. Similar to what the MD does. Hope this helps!
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    I work in a teaching facility. Here, the NP will take call and cover for the CV surgery patients at night. Also, Cardiology has a NP. He rounds in the mornings, writes orders and discharges patients. They also see patients in the heart institute/ clinic.

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