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California NPs feedback

  1. 0 I am a new grad FNP and I just turned down a job offer. I am frustrated and don't know if I did the right thing. The offer was to work in a family care center, 30-32 hours a week, offering $45 per hour, no benefit at all. I was expecting more and I said no, I said I need at least $50 per hour. If you are a FNP or GNP in southern California, was this offer a reasonable offer? Should I call the doctor and take the offer? What do you think?
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    What is a family care center?

    $45/hour is the lowest end of the pay scale for so cal ... And the market seems pretty robust right now, you could do better.

    No benefits for a FT position is just a joke. I wouldn't even negotiate with someone that out of touch.
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    It's family medicine, she sees everyone, peds, young, adults, geriatric, women's health,..
    That's what I thought, I haven't heard of this rate among my friends at all, they all have started at $50/hr and higher plus benefits, education, DEA fee, etc. Thanks for your reply.