Advance diagnostics & procedures

  1. Hello, I am a student with USF in my fourth semester of FNP and my class started today and we do not have books to use as references. We were advised in class today we would not even get a study guide so basically we are on our own for the test. Our tests will come from lectures and articles. Can anyone help give me some insights how to prepare myself to pass this class?
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  3. by   Annaiya
    I wouldn't worry about it. The information we got for our procedures course was all we needed to study. I'm sure yours will be the same. Just learn what you are given during the course. There isn't a book that covers everything they want to teach, so they will just provide you with the material you need.
  4. by   NJprisonrn
    I would tape the lectures and listen to them while driving, doing laundry, etc. Then study the articles and whatever material is covered in class. Hopefully there will be power points or something.