ACNP' you recommend critical care experience?

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    Question to ACNPs:

    I recently applied to an ACNP program and will soon find out if I have been accepted. After working on a Telemetry unit for 5 years, I moved on to spend a year working as a Cardiac Clinician, and most recently accepted the position of Clinical Educator (Cardiology). I have a dilemma. I have never worked in Critical Care and feel that I should have this background. If I get into the program I am seriously contemplating leaving Staff Development to work in Critical Care while I'm in school. I feel it'll better prepare me for my long term goal.

    I'd like some advice from ACNPs.

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    Hi Effa,

    I have also just recently applied to an ACNP program. I could not imagine starting this without critical care experience. I have been doing critical care for 5 years and have my CCRN. Your telemetry experience may be very benefical though. What was the level of acuity on the unit? Did you have gtts, pacers, etc?
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    Critical care experience is recommended but not required. I have seen very good nurses become ACNPs without critical care experience. They have to work a little harder but do well.

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