AANP test prep - practice exam questions adult-gero AANP test prep - practice exam questions adult-gero | allnurses

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AANP test prep - practice exam questions adult-gero

  1. 0 Hi,

    I so appreciate all the info on preparing for the exam. I took Barkley review, and his practice test after class got 82%, up from 62% when I took it the first time before I had really studied, and about 4-6 weeks prior. I also have taken Leik's exams and have ranged from 62-88% going through the book. I also have fitzgerald's exam book, I just don't like it, maybe because I don't do as well. Her questions seem so different from the others. I have noticed some of Leik's answers are outdated, and have been trying to watch that.

    I would like to take either the AANP, or APEA exam, but I don't want to spend too much money. Which do you all think you get more bang for your buck, and is the most helpful in taking the actual test? I am assuming it is AANP, but I've heard good things about APEA too. I take the exam next Thursday, so I wouldn't purchase the Q bank.

    Meanwhile, I am studying away, have someone to study with, and am trying to get use to questions.

    I appreciate any advice you all can give.